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VMware vSphere Replication Videos.

With vSphere replication Now as part of the vSphere leading virtualization solution. it has become a number one choice for customers specially in SMB to configure this to create disaster recovery like solution without automation for their virtual environment. i just saw some blogs post on VMware website with 2 Videos on the solution, please find them below and enjoy watching them because htey explore how easy it is to protect the virtual machines and how to recover it as well.



VMware VAAI, What was there and Whats New in vSphere 5.

In this blog post I am discussing the features of VMware VAAI and how it helps customers increase the consolidation ration in their environment.

offloading tasks to storage is been some of the great features that was released in vSphere 4.1, however, with vSphere 5 lots of features have been added to help customers get more value out of the feature.


So in summary, here is a figure that i got when i searched about the matter explaining where the integration is taking place.

The Red Rectangle specifies actually where the integration is taking place and how it is possible to offload these tasks to the storage.

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logging within vSphere

Before I Start Writing about the topic i want to discuss today, I just would like to highlight the reason behind writing that.

In the past few days i have been going through multiple cases with customers related to support and uploading the logs as a requirement to understand the issue happening in their environment. these issues are

1- logs are actually based within the servers and being cleared once hosts rebooted.

2- logs are available in syslog server that is not accessible directly by the virtualization administrator and it will take them some time and procedures to retrieve this information.

So the way i would recommend this to my customer, is basically to have their own syslog server in their environment. and VMware has been very thankful in that by prviding a very useful syslog server on its own.

In this article, i would like to talk about h0w to install and configure VMware syslog collector.

so the installer is part of the vCenter installation ISO Image in the vCenter support tools Section. as shown Below.


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Change ESXi root Password without SSH

The usual way of changing the root password for ESX Host is simply by using the passwd command as per the KB Article 1004659.

If you want to apply the same in ESXi you have to enable tech-support mode and execute the command. This is one way but you have to physically go to the server and enable tech support mode.  below is one way of doing it without enabling tech-support mode using Power-CLI.

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