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White Paper Released: Replacing Default vCenter 5.1 and ESXi 5.1 Certificates

VMware just released a paper outlining as a step by step guide on how to replace the default vCenter and ESXi with version 5.1 to a new secure certificate either using a CA or may be your own certificate server. Certificate checking is enabled by default and help encrypt the traffic if you would like to run the environment via remote sessions. using a trusted certificate you will be able to avoid the middle-man attacks.

the article is available in the following link

Support Alert: Please don’t Upgrade your vCenter 5.0 or 5.1 Oracle database Patch 10 or Later.

Today VMware support raised a high alert to customers not to upgrade their vCenter oracle databases to patch 10 or later since it causes some issue with vCenter server specially when creating virtual machines. for example when creating a new virtual machine you get the following error.

An internal error occurred in the vSphere Client.
Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

VMware is currently reviewing the issue and there is no available workaround. if you have already upgraded, you will need to revert back to the old oracle binaries and database recovery may be required


More information on  this is available in VMware KB Article 2039874


Keep reviewing the KB for updated information.

Install VMware vCloud Director on a Notebook

This document details installing VCD 5.1 on an i7 8GB Notebook. This is the first draft and will change as feedback comes in from people using it. Feel free to add your feedback in the comments below. This is a small environment to familiarize yourself with the products from VMware. Install VMware vCloud Director on a Notebook

logging within vSphere

Before I Start Writing about the topic i want to discuss today, I just would like to highlight the reason behind writing that.

In the past few days i have been going through multiple cases with customers related to support and uploading the logs as a requirement to understand the issue happening in their environment. these issues are

1- logs are actually based within the servers and being cleared once hosts rebooted.

2- logs are available in syslog server that is not accessible directly by the virtualization administrator and it will take them some time and procedures to retrieve this information.

So the way i would recommend this to my customer, is basically to have their own syslog server in their environment. and VMware has been very thankful in that by prviding a very useful syslog server on its own.

In this article, i would like to talk about h0w to install and configure VMware syslog collector.

so the installer is part of the vCenter installation ISO Image in the vCenter support tools Section. as shown Below.


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vCenter Availability

It is been a while since i last wrote something in my blog, was just little busy helping customer through their journey towards cloud computing.

What everybody finds interesting including myself is the way cloud computing allow customers to automate their IT services provisioning. with VMware, you also control the QoS of these provisioned services based on the requirement.

Being in cloud computing doesn’t only means infrastructure. it is about infrastructure, applications and end users and how these cloud services are provisioned and implemented in these era’s of the cloud.

With VMware providing cloud computing for all of these cloud services weather it was in the private or the public cloud through the service providers. people needs to understand how these cloud services are actually being provisioned backend.

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VMware vSphere Client for the IPAD

VMware understands the value of tablet devices from different manufacturers and different flavors of operating systems. obviously as stated by market trends that the IPAD has taken about 85% market share in this vast growing market.

Now, every time i walk around i find people with iPads in there hands that they use for variety of stuff including business, education, entertainment, health … etc. to be honest I am writing this post now using word press application for the IPAD. :)

with the portability feature that the cloud promise. the ability to administer the infrastructure from variety of devices has become a major concern for VMware that it has just released an application on 17/03/2011 that act as vCenter client running as an application on the IPAD.

Below are some of the snapshot for the application.






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VMware vCenter Operation

Since this will be the first post in my blog. I though i will make an announcement myself about the availability of the titled product. VMware has gone high again in their products portfolio to satisfy customer need for a proactive way to manage, and troubleshoot their environment from the bottom-up. the need of the customer to get a solution that could show a root-cause analysis of issues that are happening in their datacenter environment has lead VMware to think about a way to help the customers in making it a reality. and yes when i said datacenter environment i meant the whole stack in term of physical or virtual infrastructure. not only that, but making sure that the environment is compliant with standards in the IT industry, Capacity management, as well as performance management.

The customer needs has gone from just a graphical diagram that shows the characteristics of their environment in term of performance to a complete stack that can easily show where bottlenecks are in a very easy way. The metrics behind these calculation are very mathematically complex in explaining. but the results are graphically shown in multiple metrics. so the only thing the customer need to do is look at this metrics to just find where the issue is at the level of ESX/ESXi and all of its underlying component. when it is easily found.

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