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Monthly Archives August 2011

VMware New licensing Model And changes benifits

I have been just listening and seeing VMware Customers and Partners for the past few weeks talking about the new licensing model that VMware has initiated in its latest Cloud Infrastructure Launch. during this time, different ideas flew around and lots of questions were presented as well as complains from customers even after running the VMware vRAM Calculator and seeing that the change will not effect them, the main pain point was that people were not looking at the products new features but just at how they can procure it with the new pricing scheme.

when the revised pricing scheme came out, people has came back to appreciate VMware product and started looking at the products features and how it will benefit them. this has made blogs booming with these new features discussions along with questions and answers.

This is a good indication that VMware is really listing closely to their customers and giving them the best possible experience weather with the products, support and satisfaction.

the new change has made new possibilities for hte users on how they  would use the product, one of the Major new features of VMware vSphere which has made it so far from its competitors was the new virtual Machines limitation in term of RAM and CPU which means that at this stage of time there is no application on the planet that wouldn’t on virtual machines with even better performance capabilities than the physical environment to the scheduling mechanism in vSphere virtualization platform.

with that being said, i guess customers are now looking at the new possibilities of how they could use and implement VMware products and benefit fromn the new features more than how much they have to pay. with the set of features that VMware products provide, customers are really seeing the benefits of using the products compared to competitors solution due to the fact that VMware has been a virtualization and Cloud computing focused Company since it start in the 90’s. with this long years of experience, i guess there is no limitations to how far VMware can go and as many of you might be thinking right now on how much more can be done. to be honest, my answer is the same as you “I don’t know” but i am sure that VMware is seeing a need for something that we don’t see and it will bring it out so that it can benefit its customers all around the globe.

all we have to do is wait and see how VMware can solve our datacenter challenges the same as it has always been doing.