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Monthly Archives June 2012

View 5.1, How Good Desktop virtualizationTurned out to be.

With the new release of VMware View 5.1 in the market, VMware is again changing the way the game is actually being played in the desktop virtualization market not only in term of how things actually operate but also in term of complexity and management when it comes to talk about the virtualized desktop platform. how much can customer scale in this regard and how can they go oward the desktop virtualization journey to all their end users.


before starting into that, I just wold like to highlight one note that is, VMware has created the vision last year for something we are all aware of, something that everybody is talking about. even last summer i recall Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about the same concept which is the post PC-Era. we are all seeing the fight in the market and we are all seeing how tablets are actually starting to evolve in our files replacing our  use of laptop or desktops at home in so many ways. frankly speaking sometimes i get this claim that i am running a virgin store shop due to the number of tablet and smart devices that i actually hold or use @ home :)

As of now, we are seeing the execution and evolution of the VMware vision into some enhancement in products, some new products evolving for end-user management in all prospective. so the plan for VMware is to bring your consumer world or I would rather say act & attitude to your office location and use it the same way.

this may a very long introduction to what the blog post is all about so let us have the time to discuss about the enhancement of the desktop virualization product that VMware has surprised the world with.

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logging within vSphere

Before I Start Writing about the topic i want to discuss today, I just would like to highlight the reason behind writing that.

In the past few days i have been going through multiple cases with customers related to support and uploading the logs as a requirement to understand the issue happening in their environment. these issues are

1- logs are actually based within the servers and being cleared once hosts rebooted.

2- logs are available in syslog server that is not accessible directly by the virtualization administrator and it will take them some time and procedures to retrieve this information.

So the way i would recommend this to my customer, is basically to have their own syslog server in their environment. and VMware has been very thankful in that by prviding a very useful syslog server on its own.

In this article, i would like to talk about h0w to install and configure VMware syslog collector.

so the installer is part of the vCenter installation ISO Image in the vCenter support tools Section. as shown Below.


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