VMware vCenter Operation

Since this will be the first post in my blog. I though i will make an announcement myself about the availability of the titled product. VMware has gone high again in their products portfolio to satisfy customer need for a proactive way to manage, and troubleshoot their environment from the bottom-up. the need of the customer to get a solution that could show a root-cause analysis of issues that are happening in their datacenter environment has lead VMware to think about a way to help the customers in making it a reality. and yes when i said datacenter environment i meant the whole stack in term of physical or virtual infrastructure. not only that, but making sure that the environment is compliant with standards in the IT industry, Capacity management, as well as performance management.

The customer needs has gone from just a graphical diagram that shows the characteristics of their environment in term of performance to a complete stack that can easily show where bottlenecks are in a very easy way. The metrics behind these calculation are very mathematically complex in explaining. but the results are graphically shown in multiple metrics. so the only thing the customer need to do is look at this metrics to just find where the issue is at the level of ESX/ESXi and all of its underlying component. when it is easily found.

What is more interesting is the fact that you can integrate other third parties software like BMC, Microsoft management Center through connectors so that you can have a unified view of your environment without the need to look at multiple softwares which will in turn saves alot of time in troubleshooting the issues.

What I like most about VMware is the way that it present the solution to the customers, in this management potfolio, VMware has divided them into 3 different versions.

  1. vCenter operations standard: which provide a full performance management tool for the virtual environment part of the infrastructure at the level of compute, Network, and storage.
  2. vCenter Operations Advanced: which is similar to the standard version with a capacity management portfolio included.
  3. vCenter Operations Enterprise: which provide performance management, Capacity management and configuration management for the enterprise. adding to that are the set of connectors to integrate with third party performance management tools to provide the unified view of the infrastructure metrics.

these management product editions are illustrated below in imaging fugure.

When this software was designed and built, it was completely built for the cloud environment in all aspects like automation … etc. so in cloud the first thing you should make sure of is that the environment is stable, performing as expected and proactively fixed if issues could happen. So the prediction level should be high, at the same time, the level of false alarms based on static Metrics should be void, Because in the cloud, the environment is changing by the second and static metrics is not a valuable solution in such scenarios because their values have to be changed each and every time a change in the environment takes place. which is not practical in the cloud environment with the increasing percentage of automation in the datacenter to decrease the operation cost.

This is just the start of VMware in this area and i am sure there will be more to come in term of features and new capabilities.

By the way, the software was announced but the first GA is very soon and customers will be able to obtain evaluations keys to try and use the software. I am sure that when the customers try it they will not do anything except buying it.

if you want to see a demo of the software please follow the below link

VMware vCenter Operations in Action

There will be more to come, so just stay tuned.

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