Preparing your Thinapp for Horizon.

in this Breif blog post, i will just highlight how to prepare your package for Horizon during the capture process and how to update your existing packages.

Horizon Support is available from Thinapp Version 4.7. so if you have a package that was built on an earlier version of thinapp then you need to recapture and rebuild your package with thinapp 4.7

So if you are thinapping a new application, then here is what you have to do. 

During the Capture process, Make sure you select Manage With Horizon Application Manager, once the checkbox is selected, you can specify your organization URL that the users are accessing for their applications.



Because Horizon handles entitlement to ThinApp packages, the Groups window is skipped when you enable an application for Horizon.



What if you have an existing package, in this case this is what you have to do. 

you have to change the following parameters in package.ini

  • AppID=genid causes the generation of a random GUID for the ThinApp package. Horizon uses this package identifier for all of its operations: entitlements, activating, downloading, reporting, and so on.


  • NotificationDLLs=HorizonPlugin.dll specifies the DLL that the ThinApp runtime calls to check with the Horizon Agent for entitlement to run the application.


  • HorizonOrgUrl is the Horizon Service URL for your organization, which you optionally specified in Setup Capture.


Once all of this is done you will need to rebuild your package by executing build.bat file in the package folder.


Happy Thinapping.

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