VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster

VMware Has recently launched a case study about using Metro Cluster in vSphere Environment. what you need to focus on here as a requirement for this to work is as follows


• Storage connectivity using Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SVD and FCoE is supported.
• At the time of writing, storage connectivity using NAS (NFS protocol) is not supported with VMware vMSC
• The maximum supported network latency between sites for the VMware® ESXi™ management networks is
10ms round-trip time (RTT).
– 10ms of latency for vMotion is supported only with VMware vSphere® Enterprise Plus Edition™ licenses
(Metro vMotion).
• The maximum supported latency for synchronous storage replication links is 5ms RTT.
• A minimum of 622Mbps network bandwidth, configured with redundant links, is required for the
ESXi vMotion network.


access to the paper is available via this Link

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