Manage Your Horizon Environemnt. (Part-1)

in my Previous Blog Post, i have discussed how to install Horizon in your environment. Now i want to work on putting some posts on how to manage it. so here i am starting with Part 1.

Now, How do you login & Manage Your Horizon organization Environment.

To be able to login to your organization as an administrator, you will need to have your admin user name & password.  this is typically the user that you configured your horizon environment with, in my case the user was HZNADMIN. you Type the URL of your organization(in my case and enter your user name and password as below.


once you login as an administrator, this is the home screen interface you would see.

This is the typical home interface that all users would see, since the administrator has no applications assigned, then he would see no applications in the interface.

to start Managing the Environment, clock on  link on the top left of the page, once you do that, the following interface will appear.



the dashboard will provide details logs on what entitlement is been happening in the Horizon Environment, as you can see i have entitled some users to applications in the environment. i will show you how you do this in the next lines


The Next Tab is User & Groups which provides visibility to the administrator about the users & groups that are allowed access to this horizon organization.

The way Horizon was designed from the beginning by VMware is to allow multi-tenancy, so as an enterprise you can create multiple organizations each with different active directory groups & User access based on Enterprise department for example. However, although of them are on the same active directory, each organization created will require its own Horizon Connector VM to be installed, configured & Managed on its own.


as you can see i have only allowed VDI_USER groups be used by Horizon Application Manager Organization.


The  is a pre-created group within horizon to that can display all Active Directory users allowed access to horizon. this pre-created Horizon Group can be used to allow access to a common application such as for example timesheet application that the enterprise has … etc


Now, going to the third Tab, this Tab will display all applications that are available and entitled to be used by this organization, this includes of course SaaS or ThinApp Applications.

so Now, let us talk about you can entitle an application to a user or to a group, here are the steps.

  • from the applications Tab, click on the application you want to entitle user for, in my case i am choosing Office 2010
  •  After selecting the Applications, you can see as per the above there are no users or groups entitlement for that applications. as you can see, the users & Groups have different tabs for entitlement this because you may want to allow a partial number of users in a specific group or in no groups to have access to this application.
  • Now, i want to entitle my application to a specific Group. to do that,  click on  in the group entitlement section. once you click it, here is the screen you will be interfaced with.


  • as you can see, there is an auto complete function, i typed the the first three letters and i saw the group that has this three letters in the beginning. once you select the group you will be faced with the following
  • Now you have to select the deployment method for that application which is in 2 Types either Automatic or User-Activated. Choose the deployment method for the groups and then click on 
  • after the entitlement has taken place, please bare in mind that it will take a while for the desktop agent to sync with horizon service or the user will have to do a manual sync.
  • Log-in to the desktop with one of the users who is a member of the group you assigned to use the applications. in the browser, type the URL of the organization. since Horizon will use SSO, you will be immediately redirected to the application portal and see all your application that you are entitled to use, after entitling office in my case, here in a screen shot of the interface with the applications assigned.
Happy Horizon. :)


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