Questions Answer Time, How do you Access Horizon as an Operator for Organization & General Management.

I was asked this questions by one of my colleagues and looking into this and asking some of my teams I was able to find the answer and i thought i should share that with you. This post data will be based on my previous post of installing and configuring horizon.

So to log in to horizon as an operator, here is what you have to do.


1- Type your Horizon Application Manager URL using the following format

if you are using HTTP then this is the way <Horizon Application Service FQDN:8080>, if HTTPS is used, then here is the URL <Horizon Application Service FQDN:8443>



2- Log in as an operator using the default user name”operator” & the password you created for it during the initial configuration.


3- Once your login is successful, you will see the operator page as shown below


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