VMware Thinapp 4.7.2 is now GA.

With VMware Release of Horizon Application Manager, there was some integration and changes required in thinapp to better support thinapp and also add some changes and features to help these two products to be tied together when available @ customer sites for better integration and increased management.

With That, VMware has happily announced the general availability of VMware Thinapp 4.7.2 where these features will improve usability, performance as well as updates functionalities.

  • Streaming – ThinApp agent is now able to stream the virtualized application blocks to stateless View desktops without deploying the entire package. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2030247
  • Update Support – With this feature ThinApp can now enable Horizon Connector to recognize multiple versions of an application package and then communicate that change to the Agent through the Horizon Service. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2030248
  • Relink Support – This feature allows ThinApp users to enable Horizon support for packages which are created prior to ThinApp 4.7 without a rebuild. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 2021928
  • New Sandbox Parameter – A new Package.ini parameter, RemoveSandBoxOnStart, is now available. You can set RemoveSandBoxOnStart=1 to clear the sandbox on each launch of an application.

For additional information about ThinApp 4.7.2, visit the following Web sites:



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