Login to VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Failed with an Error – Your ID is Disabled

Today, it was one of my toughest day honestly trying to troubleshoot a weird error that poped-up into my head when trying to Login to vCM. although the solution is out there i always try to troubleshoot things myself until i get ahead of the time i allocate to myself to solve the problem.before

in any way. the screen capture Below identifies what i am talking about.

This issue occurs if the user account that you use to log in to vCM is not configured correctly within vCM.

To solve this issue, you need to follow this procedure

  1. Verify that the user account exists within the appropriate SQL table.To verify this:
    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. Run this query and verify that the username is listed under the login_id column:select * from ecm_sysdat_logins
  2. If the user account is listed, but is not enabled, enable the account and then try logging in to vCM.To enable the user account, run this SQL query:

    use VCM
    update ecm_sysdat_logins
    set login_active = 1
    where login_id = <user_login_id>

    Where <user_login_id> is the login_id of the user as shown in the output of Step 1b.

  3. If user account is not listed, log in with a different user account.To log in with a different user account:
    1. From the output of Step 1b, choose a user with administrative privileges on vCM.
    2. Log in to vCM using this user account.
    3. Navigate to the vCM Administration slider.
    4. Click User Manager > VCM Logins.
    5. Click Add Users and follow the prompts to add the user to the system.
    6. Log out from vCM and try logging in with the newly added user.


Source: KB: 2000958

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