VMware vSphere Client for the IPAD

VMware understands the value of tablet devices from different manufacturers and different flavors of operating systems. obviously as stated by market trends that the IPAD has taken about 85% market share in this vast growing market.

Now, every time i walk around i find people with iPads in there hands that they use for variety of stuff including business, education, entertainment, health … etc. to be honest I am writing this post now using word press application for the IPAD. :)

with the portability feature that the cloud promise. the ability to administer the infrastructure from variety of devices has become a major concern for VMware that it has just released an application on 17/03/2011 that act as vCenter client running as an application on the IPAD.

Below are some of the snapshot for the application.















Supporting VPN either through built in iPAD VPN functionality ot through junos for Juniper VPN, VMware administrator can log-in to his/her environment and do some basic administration and look into some performance chart for the ESX or the VM itself, you can do stop, suspend and restart the Virtual machine.

To allow the application to work in your environment, a VMware product need to be installed and configured in your environment. this virtual appliance is vCMA(vCenter Mobile Access). so by that it is obvious VMware is using web services to send or retrieve information from vCenter.


so basically, to use the application, you have to do a 2 step process.

Step One is the installation and configuration of the vCMA, you can learn how to do it by viewing the following video.

Step1: Install vCMA

After that is done, the next step will be by installing the application from iTunes store, it is free so nobody have to pay a penny. you can use the below link to do it.

vSphere client for the iPAD.

Once the application is installed on the iPAD, all you have to do is just the required configuration and then log in to enjoy. there is no better than VMware telling you how to do it so the link below will show you the video.

Step2: Configure vSphere Client for the iPAD and how you can use it.

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