VMware View storage Accelerator – See the Benefits.

I just had a chance to see a VMware Article here on that was done along side with Pivot3. The graph indcates and  shows the great benefits when View storage accelerator is enabled.

please see the below graph, it is a courtesy of Pivot3.

As mentioned the article,


The timeline shows:

  • Time 12 – 67:  Login storm
  • Time 170-232:  Media player file reads from RAWC pass 1
  • Time 340-405:  Media player file reads from RAWC pass 2

5.0 and 5.1 refer to View version.

Reboot refers to a test run immediately following the desktop boots.  No Reboot is a subsequent test run without rebooting desktops.

CBRC Impact:

  • At the login storm when logins immediately follow the desktop reboots.  This corresponds with Windows loading of executables to transition into a user runtime state.
  • Reads of the large media files from disk.  The first desktop that reads these files causes them to get cached into CBRC.  Then the other desktops get cache hits.

To take advantage of this functionality in vSphere you’ll need VMware View 5.1 and latest service pack.   Configuring the View Storage Accelerator is done through the View Administrator console and is just a one step process when configuring a pool.  The View Storage Accelerator is supported for any vCenter-Managed View Desktops such as manual desktops, automated full clone desktops and automated linked clone desktops.



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