My Take on the synology storage line

I have been using the synology 1512+ storage for about a month now. it has been a great experience so far and the huge functionality and wide disk supports has allowed me to actually be more innovative than before and really faster than before when it comes to deploying new VMs and testing different solutions. the integration and the support for VAAI with the new DSM firmware synology has released has made things a lot like a production environment storage but in a small scale.

the biggest and exciting part was that i was able to provision 100 Desktops in less than an hour time. the CPU and the memory installed on that storage is sufficient enough to handle the needed workload inside a Lab. i wouldn’t hesitate to say even production workloads along side the lab workload.

what matters the most is The ease of configuration on the web interface makes this storage a huge success where it has actually taken me less than 10 Minutes to configure the whole thing and connects it to my ESXi hosts. Personally i would really recommend this storage for my followers to use it in their home labs.

I had a bit of an issue in the beginning when i connected the storage due to some limitation on the switch i connected to but when the switch issue was fixed things went just as great as you would expect the storage to perform.

The cost was quite high may be for me, i guess because of the fact that i couldn’t ship it from outside Saudi Arabia and there was only one distributor that can provide it so their price was inclusive with no competition but it was still reasonable.

More info on the storege model can be found here for your information.

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