VMware View Client Preview Available in the windows store.

VMware has just released a preview of its windows client and made it available in the windows store for all. this version will run and available in the windows RT and Windows 8. some of the feature of this client includes.


  • Touch Pointer Turn on the Touch Pointer for more control of your VM from a tablet. When it is on, you can create a right-click, by touching and holding with one finger, and tapping with another finger to the right of the first finger.
  • Zoom You can zoom the view of your VM to see more detail.
  • Snap You can snap the View Client so that it takes up part of the screen alongside another app. The minimum screen resolution required for the snap feature is 1366X768.



although as of now it only provides RDP and not native PCoIP which i am sure is coming soon in the future


here is the user interface after the user logins to his desktop





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