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It is all about the market needs. so the customer has created the need for the technologies that the companies are now developing and selling to the customer.

I have been working in the IT for about 5 years now jumping from a product to a product and from an era to an era until i reached to a point where i had to think in a different way where i will go toward the market instead of waiting for the market to come to me. doing this has lead me to the fastest growing and needed technology in the world which is virtualization. to be honest here I start it to be interested when i started to see the vision of that technology and the speed of it growing very fast in the market. I worked in multiple Era’s including Databases, BRS as well OS Administration until one day i said to myself instead of mastering these stuff why don’t you just go and master the higher level of the technology that these kind of software will be built on top. with greater understanding of all these technologies then you can master, troubleshoot, tune at all levels.

I have been thinking about doing my Blog for a while but what has made it a reality is the fact that i joined a great company and i am now a part of establishment that listen to its customer, make their customers dreams a reality. this has given me the ability to be proud and start talking out loud whether about stuff that i see new or whatever i do myself in my lab. with the fact that i work for VMware in mind, it makes me so proud to help you in my writing as well as seek your guidance in case i need it.

In this Blog it is all about you Now, as well as you in the future which  basically means for VMware and ME that it is all about YOUR CLOUD


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